Llanelli Crematorium

Llanelli Crematorium,Penprys Road, Dafen, Llanelli, Wales 
SA14 8BX  

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Llanelli Crematorium ,
Penprys Road ,
Dafen, Llanelli ,
SA14 8BX

Tel: 01554 824137


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Llanelli Crematorium opened in 2002 and is quite traditional in its design with large windows overlooking the beautiful Gardens of Remembrance and surrounding fields.  The chapel was designed to accommodate all faiths and seats 80 people downstairs and 50 people on the balcony.  Adjacent to the chapel is a large vestibule and waiting room where many more people can sit and stand and be part of the service.  Should it be required a state of the art sound system pipes the whole service throughout the public areas both inside and out to provide for large services.  Lighting is installed all around the building and, if requested, funeral services can take place into the evening.

On the chapel balcony can be found a traditional style organ and music system.  This provides choice for mourners to play any type of music and therefore making the service very personal. 

Several different types of memorials are offered.  We have tried to keep the memorials as natural as possible and the Gardens have been developed from a field to beautiful gardens with specimen trees and shrubs.  Details are sent to every applicant following a service so they can choose whether they leave their loved ones in the gardens or take them, perhaps, to a special location.

Anyone requiring advice can contact the office and we will do our best to help.