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Help & Information

Funeral FAQ's

We answer some of the common questions people have about what to do and what happens at a funeral. This is a general guide as customs and traditions differ. Your local funeral director will be able to help you if you have other questions or would like more information.
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Cremation FAQ's

We answer some of the common questions people have about crematoria and the cremation service.
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How To Apply For A Cremation

The executor, near relative or person authorised to act in that capacity must send a Cremation Application form – sometimes called Form 1 in England and Wales and Form A in Scotland – to the cremation authority in order to receive authorisation to cremate the remains of the deceased person.
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The Cremation Service

The cremation service can be religious or non-religious, or you may choose to have no service at all. Any service that takes place must be carried out within the time allowed for each funeral and not impact on the funeral before or after.
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After The Cremation

Once the cremation service has taken place you will need to make a decision on where you would like the ashes laid to rest.
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