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New Cremation Regulations

New Cremation Regulations have now come into effect. The regulations, developed by the Ministry of Justice have been introduced as a result of the recommendations made by Dame Janet Smith’s inquiry into the Harold Shipman murders. The major change is the introduction of the right of families to inspect the medical forms completed by doctors in relation to the cause of death. So far only a small number of families appear to have exercised this right

Managing the safety of Burial Ground Memorials

The Ministry of Justice published their guidance on the safe management of burial ground memorials. In recent years there has been increasing criticism that an over-zealous approach has been taken, in relation to the removal and laying down of memorials deemed to pose a significant health and safety risk. The guidance notes are intended to provide a proportionate and risk based assessment of unstable memorials. Provided the advice given is followed then the impact of such over reaction on the bereaved should reduce significantly.

Reduction of Mercury Emissions from Crematoria

The government, through the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), now requires that 50% of all cremations be subjected to an abatement process which filters out mercury, present in fillings in teeth. APCC member sites are prominent in the list of installations already completed with many more planned.